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Once upon a time…

Our story is about how a man of little means—and lots of family—made something out of nothing by hard work, determination and strength of will. The story includes a wife, a husband, seven children, rubber stamps, a basement and eventually 3 store locations.

The story starts in the early 60s when Jesse McGee was working for the post office sorting mail.  In order to survive, however, he always held part time jobs at night and on the weekends. Finally a friend who helped him find part time work introduced him to a man who was selling a rubber stamp business.

Jesse made what he says was the biggest decision of his life. He quit the post office cold turkey and went into business for himself, full time, making rubber stamps in the basement of his home. It took him more than a decade to build the business to the point that he was earning what he did sorting mail at the post office. But he had a burning desire to make the business successful. His motto was, “I’m going to make this work or die trying.”

One thing lead to another and Jesse began purchasing equipment to engrave signage and trophies. That, in turn led to requests for plaques and other engraveables.

Soon Jesse was renting retail space and did so for 12 years until, in 1980, he bought a prime retail spot on State Street in Orem, Utah. In 1987, he purchased a second location in Midvale, Utah, which is also a prime retail location. Having multiple locations allowed family members the opportunity to excel in their own areas.

By the year 2000 all of Jesse’s seven children had entered the business and it continued to grow. The main focus of the business was turning into corporate awards. With Utah’s rich economy, big business and local colleges, McGee’s opportunity to create custom products boomed. Jesse McGee insists success still would be a dream if it were not for three things: hard work, attention to detail and a bending-over-backwards style of customer service.

Now, the business includes a third location on State Road in American Fork to better serve our clients. The business doesn’t stop in Utah and Salt Lake Counties, the website has allowed us to reach across the nation and even internationally. Our missionary plaques are seen in ward buildings throughout the globe.  And we have been honored to create awards for the Bermuda Golf Classic hosting NFL football players.

If you can dream it, we can achieve it!

No project is too big or small for the team at McGee’s. Our founder, Jesse McGee, has instilled in all of us the love to serve our customers with attention to detail and pride in every order. Let us help you personalize and brand your business! Show appreciation and recognition to the people who help make you a success!





Achievements are worth remembering.
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