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Valentine’s Day Shopping: How to Make Your Gift Personal

Valentine’s Day Shopping: How to Make Your Gift Personal

Even though the year just started, the holidays aren't entirely over. In fact, one of our New Year's resolutions is to become better at gift-giving. Have you ever given a gift that you knew wasn't your best? You hope the recipient will love it anyway, but the look on...

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Sending Holiday Cards? Here is Everything You Need

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, for many reasons. With the winter season comes snow, hot cocoa, and holidays aplenty. One of the most popular ways to celebrate the season is by sending holiday cards.   Why Should You Send Holiday Cards? If holiday cards...

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Should Everyone Get a Participation Trophy?

The most widely debated arguments surrounding youth sports and activities are participation trophies. Plenty of older-aged parents speak out against participation trophies, while those with young children don't see the harm. The conversation mostly surrounds the...

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How to Appreciate Your Wife/Husband

How to Appreciate Your Wife/HusbandWhat keeps relationships lasting? In a world where divorce is more common than marriages, it can be difficult to believe in romance. However, it still exists. All it needs is a little help. If you want your marriage or relationship...

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Corporate Awards—What is All the Hype?

Chances are your office throws an end of quarter or end of the year celebration (or something in-between). While it is always fun to celebrate your hard work as a team, there is a way you can do it one better—corporate awards.Studies show that employees need to feel...

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The Women of McGee’s Stamp & Trophy Co.

Recently, Utah Valley BusinessQ Magazine interviewed us for a feature about women in business. The feature got us thinking—how have the women of McGee’s helped make the business what it is today? From the beginning, women have played a crucial role in our stores. From...

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What Every Office Needs, An Engraved Plaque

Don Draper had one. Michael Scott had one. Miranda Bailey has one. If your office is destined to be as successful as the shows these bosses commanded, you will need an engraved plaque just like them.An engraved wall plaque is more than just decoration. These engraved...

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