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Why Employees Quit Vs. How to Make Them Stay With Awards

Why Employees Quit Vs. How to Make Them Stay With Awards

Job dissatisfaction takes on many forms, but employees commonly cite a lack of challenge, job meaninglessness, and bad relationships with coworkers. Awards bring coworkers together, create a feeling of purpose, and represent exciting challenges. Award...

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McGee’s Blog: Adaptive Sports Day

Here at McGee’s, we believe in being an active part of the community and giving back when we can. We were honored to help sponsor the Ninth-Annual Adaptive Sports Day. This event, held at Alta High School, was open to all elementary-level...

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Gemstone Globe Awards

  Individually hand carved from jewelry grade semi-precious gemstones with opalite ocean  3.5" diam. = $19.00 each   *Bases sold separately:  Clear: 4.5" Base = $12.95 Black Crystal: 2" Base = $19.95   *Engraving is also additional Email: ...

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Pick the Perfect Gift With Personalization

The Untold Secret To Gift Giving: Personalization From birthday presents to Mother’s Day gifts, we all know the seemingly-impossible perfect present hunt. Time and time again we hear that all anyone wants is a gift from the heart. But how do we come up with gifts that...

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Why You Should Recognize Employees

While a simple “thank you” or pat on the back is appreciated, taking the time to recognize your employee’s achievements is the key to motivating employees. Here at McGee’s we specialize in rewarding employees. We are dedicated to the growth and preservice of your...

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Best Ways to Recognize Employees

CEOs, founders, and partners are usually people’s first thoughts when they think of the word business. However, the reality is that the employees of a company are the ones who run the day to day. While the heads of the company receive most the recognition, it’s...

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We make a lot of awards that celebrate your achievements and we love to share them with our community. If you would like us to feature your recent success, contact us and let us celebrate with you.