CEOs, founders, and partners are usually people’s first thoughts when they think of the word business. However, the reality is that the employees of a company are the ones who run the day to day.

While the heads of the company receive most the recognition, it’s important to continually recognize your employees. Authentic employee recognition promotes an atmosphere of appreciation and gratitude that ultimately drives business growth.

Recognizing your employees creates a culture of appreciation that will pay off in the long run. At McGee’s we specialize in showing your employees they matter.

10 unique ways you can recognize employees!

1.     Brag Board

Create a board where anyone in the company can post a “brag” about their accomplishments or that of a co-worker. This promotes camaraderie among your company and pushes employees to do their best.

2.     Company Standing Ovation

Gather all of your employees in the same room. Then invite the employee you’re recognizing to stand up, explain what they achieved and have you the whole company give him/her a standing ovation.

3.     The Company Trophy

At the start of every week, pass a big, company trophy to the employee you want to recognize. At the end of the week that employee must return the trophy they have, but they must add something to it. You’ll be amazed at the creative ways people will add to the trophy. At the end of the year retire the trophy and look at all of your business’s memories over the past 52 weeks.

4.     Wall of Fame

Go above and beyond recognizing employee achievements by creating a detailed Wall of Fame. But rather than just displaying employee photos, create a wall that has photos and plaques with a short description on how that employee contributed to the company.

5.     The Oscars

Hold your own annual Academy Award ceremony for your employees. Make it a fun and quirky affair by customizing the awards to achievements your company values. Have your employees dress up and treat them to a night all about them and their achievements.

6.     Lifetime Achievement Award

Every time an employee reaches a year mark present them with a lifetime achievement award. This lets employees know they’re appreciated and ultimately drives the company’s ability to retain their top talent.

7.     Name the Room

Whenever an employee achieves something outstanding give them a chance to name a room in the office. By that, we mean, any room (even bathrooms). Be sure to customize a plaque and hang it right outside the room.

8.     Monopoly Money

Reward your employees with your company’s own custom phony money. Make this phony money redeemable for gifts at the end of each quarter.

9.     Celebrate Birthdays

Birthdays are a special day for every employee. Make sure that each of your employees are recognized on their special day with cake, celebration, or just a company-wide “Happy Birthday.” A little goes a long way.

10.  King for the Day

Whenever an employee achieves something great, make them ‘King of the Office’ for a day. Adorn them with a crown, staff, or robe to make it even more fun. Have every employee address them by their proper title and even bow, when appropriate.

Recognizing your employees creates a culture of appreciation and will really pay off in the long run. At McGee’s we specialize in showing your employees they matter. Dedicated to the growth of your company, we create custom awards to help you recognize your employee’s achievements. Visit our website and recognize your employees today.