Research shows that corporate awards provide employees with the recognition they need to feel appreciated by their boss and management team. Simply saying thank you can momentarily give a boost in morale, but inscribing a personalized message along with your employee’s accomplishments on a company award will become a prized keepsake. Your appreciation can give employees a sense of company loyalty which helps promote an enjoyable work environment that motivates employees to achieve business goals.

Why Custom Employee Awards Impact Employee Satisfaction


With the unemployment rate hovering at a historic low of 6.3% and the Department of Labor reporting average job tenure declining, retaining employees is more crucial for business owners than it was a few years ago.  

Leading companies in the corporate industry are searching for ways to improve their retention rates. For years, employee retention has been a top challenge for organizations. If your employee retention rate is low and employee turnover is high, there might be a few ways you can help with McGees corporate awards.

In exit interviews conducted in 2020, millennial workers noted that an apparent lack of employee recognition is one of the most common reasons why young employees leave their jobs.

Millennial workers aren’t the only generation leaving companies. When surveyed, 76% of employees who don’t feel valued at work seek other job opportunities in search of feeling appreciated.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that the work environment, recognition, and employers play considerable roles in why employees quit their job to start a new one. To retain your employees and motivate them towards better performance, companies need to take recognition seriously.


Why Employee Recognition With Business Plaques and Custom Work Awards Works

As noted in a Ted Talk given by Mike Robbins at TEDxBellevue, appreciation impacts relationships and productivity.

Robbins cites research conducted by the Department of Labor that found that 64% of people who quit their jobs left because they didn’t feel valued. He explains, “It was more important than how much money they made. It was more important than the work they were doing. It was the sense of feeling valued—that they were important. The companies and organizations that understand this thrive.”

You can listen to his full talk here.

Leaders, teams, organizations, and individuals who understand how to show their employees appreciation can have much more impact, meaning, and productivity in their company.

The problem is, even when bosses try to improve, there’s often a disconnect between how employees want their managers to act and how employers think they should act, as explained in this chart.

Source: LinkedIn

As shown in the chart, employees rank receiving appreciation for work they’ve done as most important, while employers think it is least important to their employees. If you are going to give your employees what they actually want, you need to ask them.

Focus your retention efforts on employee satisfaction, showing appreciation, and communicating with your team. Together, you can create an environment where employees want to do their best.


Custom Company Awards Improves Employee Satisfaction and Morale

Company awards are a tangible way of praising employees for their hard work. Awards of recognition go above and beyond a handshake or saying, “Thank you.” Whether gifting workers with corporate plaques, glass corporate awards, or company trophies, these items will make anyone feel that their work is highly valued and appreciated.

But before you decide to implement corporate recognition awards into your business structure, you must select a corporate award that accurately expresses your appreciation. Nothing would be a bigger letdown than presenting employees with an unattractive award that didn’t match the level of work they put into receiving the recognition.

As you explore employee awards, consider customizing one of your own. McGee’s Stamp and Trophy offers customizable designs and styles to personalize any company award. Known across Utah for our employee awards, businesses continually rely on us for all their customization needs.

Our catalog of acrylic awards, logo cut awards, business plaques, and other corporate awards will provide you with the perfect template to show appreciation for your employees. These awards include the classic styles of traditional employee awards and a unique touch to define your business.

Working with our specialists, you can discover a selection that will show your employees the appreciation they deserve. Browse our collection of corporate awards—available online or at one of our Utah locations.