Chances are your office throws an end of quarter or end of the year celebration (or something in-between). While it is always fun to celebrate your hard work as a team, there is a way you can do it one better—corporate awards.

Studies show that employees need to feel recognized and appreciated at work. Fortunately, adding corporate awards to your business’s celebratory events can make all the difference. While the heads of the company receive most the recognition, it is crucial to recognize your employees continually. Authentic employee recognition promotes an atmosphere of appreciation and gratitude that ultimately drives business growth.

Recognizing your employees creates a culture of appreciation that will pay off in the long run. Mix up your next event by incorporating custom awards, and you’ll have everyone buzzing way past 5 p.m. on a Friday. Here’s how custom awards can improve your business.


Corporate Awards Show Appreciation

Recognizing your employee’s efforts may seem like an extra effort with few tangible returns in terms of employee performance. However, as Patricia Odell reported in Promo, “Cash is no longer the ultimate motivator.” Your employees are looking for something more. They want to feel appreciated and understood. Corporate awards are a great way of showing your appreciation without overdoing it. They may also display their award on their desk for further motivation throughout the year.


Corporate Awards Increase Happiness in the Workplace

Employees that feel their work is recognized and respected are much happier at work and outside of it. That employee’s personal happiness often translates company-wide. This can help create a happier workplace for everyone else involved. Corporate awards help you recognize and reward your employees, giving each a sense of pride and appreciation, not just in themselves, but in working for that business


Corporate Awards Drive Productivity

Not only do corporate awards recognize the efforts of your workforce, but it also increases your bottom line, as well. Recognized employees are more productive due to their increased emotional commitment to their jobs. According to Bersin by Deloitte, productivity is 14% higher in companies that recognizing their employees. Give your employees the motivation they need to perform at work by customizing our selection of corporate awards.


Corporate Awards Make Things Personal

Not only are corporate awards a great way to help your employee recognition efforts, but it also enables you to connect with them, as well. While you could hand-out awards based on fundamental criteria, you should create award categories that personally fit your brand. In addition to naming an employee of the year, design awards for company superlatives like “best water-cooler conversation,” “friendliest employee,” and “most creative” outgoing employees. After you create categories, make custom corporate awards that fit those categories. Your employees will appreciate the one-on-one attention.


Corporate Awards by McGee’s


Whether you’re celebrating a company milestone or recognizing an individual employee’s achievement, corporate awards should genuinely be one-of-a-kind. Give your employee’s the recognition they deserve with McGee’s corporate awards selection. You select the look, and we will create the masterpiece. Get in touch with our team today to discuss our custom corporate awards.