Corporate Awards Promote Can Create A Fun and Healthy Company Culture

Whether you’re celebrating a company milestone or recognizing an individual employee’s achievement, corporate events can sometimes feel impossible to plan.

Corporate events should be all about having fun, building great relationships, and rewarding your team for all their hard work. Throwing a corporate event is a great way to improve employee satisfaction and spark company loyalty. However, planning an out-of-the-world event can seem incredibly out-of-reach.

Not only do you need to provide something for everyone, your event needs to be unique.

To make matters worse, you’ve got a budget to worry about.

If your planning your next corporate event, we’ve got the perfect solution. Mix up your next event by incorporating custom awards and you’ll have everyone buzzing way past 5 p.m. on a Friday.

Here are 4 unique ideas to build company culture at your next corporate event:

Office Olympics

Host a small, modified version of the Olympics. First, create a schedule of events. Then, divide teams by department or run individual-only competitions. Get into the Olympic spirit. The more details you add to the event the more memorable the experience will be. Get creative, customize medals, dress up. Host small Olympic events like pencil javelin or desk chair soccer. Keep score of who gets gold, silver, and bronze and hold a Closing Ceremony to crown the overall victor.

Office Awards Banquet

The Office may have perfected the awards banquet with the Dundies (named after fictional middling paper company Dunder Mifflin) but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own. Create award categories that fit your company. In addition to naming an employee of the year, create awards for company superlatives like “best water-cooler conversation,” “friendliest employee,” and “most creative” outgoing employees. After you create categories, make custom corporate awards, and present them at an awards banquet. Have everyone dress in black-tie and go all out for the event.

Dancing with the Office Stars

Everyone loves a good pop culture reference and you’ll perfect it with a Dancing with the Stars theme. Have employees team up and have a few different categories they can compete in. Whether it’s salsa, tango, or hip hop, make it fun. Ask some employees to participate as judges or ask non-biased judges to help out. Then customize your own company Mirror Ball Trophy for each category’s winner.

The Ultimate Office Race

Hold your own office Grand-Prix at the local go-kart track. Compete in a series of rounds to make sure all employees have a chance to participate. Then once the winner races across the finish line, shower them with some bubbly (Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider works great), and have them step up on a podium. Award them with their own customized trophy and make them feel like Jeff Gordon for the day.

No matter which corporate event you throw, your employees will appreciate the effort and time you put into planning the event. Have fun, be creative, and your event is sure to be an office hit.

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