This July, McGee’s is in the patriotic mood. But, with the 4th of July in the rearview mirror, how can we keep the patriotic spirit alive. Well, first of all, it’s important that we remember the men and women who have sacrificed their lives protecting us and our country no matter the calendar date. But how do we do this without a national holiday helping us do so? Luckily, with McGee’s it’s easy. In fact, there are many ways to honor and celebrate the men and women in your life who’ve served our country. Let’s look at some of our favorite ways of honoring the heroes in our lives.

  1. Eagle and Service Men Statues

One of the best ways you can value your loved one’s service is by honoring them with an eagle and/or servicemen statue by McGee’s. These statues work well for any patriotic recognition. From glass eagles to colorful eagle bust statues, each highlights the patriotic service your loved one render. We have plenty of eagle and service men statue options including in-flight renderings, busts, eagle landing statues, eagle head towers, with flags, next to glass displays, awards, and more. Check out our selection and receive 25% off any eagle and service men statue purchase during the month of July and August.

  1. Display Cases

Our service men and women deserve the utmost recognition for the many sacrifices and services they perform. Another way to commemorate their exemplary service is through our display boxes and frames. These customizable memorabilia are the perfect way to honor them, remember them, and thank them for their service. These display cases can include badges, pictures, flags, and more. So, depending on your desires, our team can customize the display case to fit your design. Contact us about our selection of display cases to learn more.

  1. Framed Flag Cases

Along with eagle and servicemen statues and our display cases, we also offer customizable frames. Similar to our display cases, our framed flag cases perfectly house a flag for display in any room of your house. These framed flag cases come in a variety of colors and materials to fit whatever you have in mind. Find out more about framed flag cases options by contacting us today.

No matter how you choose to celebrate the loved ones in your life, McGee’s is here to help. Contact us or visit one of our stores to discuss some of our options today.