Creating an engraved award can seem like a daunting task. As custom award experts, the team at McGee’s Stamp and Trophy hear hundreds of questions from customers every day. Most of the common questions include: Which type of award should I get? What should I engrave in the inscription? How can I personalize it in a meaningful way for the recipient?  Let’s break it down so that you can personalize your award the right way.

What Type of Award You Should Get

The first option you need to settle on is picking the award design. Let’s discuss your options.

LogoCut Awards

Awards revolutionized!  We believe awards should reflect the unique characteristics of a company and its logo.  This is how you are recognized by the world.  If you want to make a statement, LogoCut awards are the way to go. They use your logo as the mainframe for the design, our team will create an award that perfectly showcases your business.

Crystal Awards

If you want the classiest, most visually-striking award, think all things crystal. Our crystal awards boast elegance by capturing light and reflection in a prismatic display that bends light. Each crystal award is laser engraved or sand-blasted to provide the most detail in your engraved award.

Cast Awards

These traditionally beautiful awards are often plated with 24k gold, metal, or resin. It’s a very elegant approach to trophies.

Clock Awards

Who says an award shouldn’t come equipped with added functionality? Combine the functionality of a desk clock with the encouragement of an award with a perfectly designed engraved clock award.

Acrylic Awards

Acrylic awards have it all: innovative design, quality, and affordability. Acrylic Awards are an excellent and elegant way to appreciate someone’s accomplishments. The primary benefit of acrylic awards is that they’re shatter-resistant, giving them the same high-quality of other awards at a fraction of the cost.

Wall Plaques

A unique take on the typical award is an engraved wall plaque. If you want to showcase someone’s triumphs without taking up any additional space, consider a wall plaque that easily hangs on any wall.

What to Engrave

After settling on the type of award you want to use, next, you should consider the inscription. While there aren’t any set standards, try and make it as personal as possible. If you’re highlighting a specific accomplishment, make sure to include that. If it’s for an employee, include their name, your company’s name, and what they did for your business. Whatever you choose to add, make it personal.

How to Personalize Your Award

Working with our engraving specialists, we’ll help you custom-design your award to make it entirely personal for the recipient. Whether it’s a detailed inscription or a unique-designed LogoCut award, we’re here to make it possible!  We will even show you our work before the project is started!

Contact the McGee’s team or visit one of our store locations today to get started.