The Untold Secret To Gift Giving: Personalization

From birthday presents to Mother’s Day gifts, we all know the seemingly-impossible perfect present hunt. Time and time again we hear that all anyone wants is a gift from the heart. But how do we come up with gifts that hit the jackpot year after year? Well, we have the key to gift-giving and want to let you in on the secret: personalization.

Make it Personal with Custom Engravings

Truly all everyone wants is for gift-givers to put thought into their gifts. Hit the nail on the head every time and make the gift personal with our custom engravings. Whether you want to engrave a piece of jewelry or a picture frame, custom engravings are the perfect solution. (And they’ll last a lot longer than the birthday cake.)

Add Wow to Your Gift

Personalized engravings also add an extra oomph to any gift. From beautifully engraved jewelry to stunning engraved home décor and desk accessories, that special someone will be happily surprised to find the added touch.

Visit McGee’s Stamp & Trophy for All Your Custom Engraving

We have something for everyone with options ranging from game sets to customized drinkware. We have the most diverse machines that allow us to engrave most every material including crystal, glass, metals, plastic, wood, and jewelry pieces.

We also accept your personal items for engraving. Just bring in your item for approval at one of our store locations.

The possibilities are endless. Let one our team members assist you in placing the perfect personalized gift. Visit us at or call us.


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