Utah is home to over 3,000 of the coolest manufacturers in the world. As one of those manufacturers, we are proud to be in such good company. But to make things even better, this year McGee’s Stamp and Trophy is nominated in the Utah Manufacturers Association’s Coolest Things Made in Utah Contest.

The first of its kind in the state, the contest highlights over 200 locally-made products that enhance Utahan’s quality of life. We are humbled to be listed among such a strong group of businesses.

Among the competition are locally-made products including candy, clothing, equipment, tables, recreational products, medical devices, and more.

Here’s how the Coolest Things Made in Utah Contest works:

The Utah Manufacturers Association finished receiving nominations on Feb. 21, 2019. After collecting all the nominees, the organization verified each product nominated are manufactured in Utah.

After nominations are announced, all candidates are eligible for online voting on Feb. 28 through March 5, where a Top 25 will be announced.

From there, the field is narrowed down to 10 contestants after another round held from March 14 to March 19.

Then a final round, consisting of the top three candidates, is held from March 21 to March 27.

The winner will be announced at the Utah Manufacturers Association Expo on March 27 where they will get a trophy and an article on the company will be featured on the Coolest Thing Made in Utah website, as well as in the Utah Manufacturers Association magazine Manufactured in Utah.

No matter what happens, we are excited to have been nominated by our customers. We love creating innovative awards that push our creative limits. None of this is possible without you. Every day you guys visit us online and in-store, giving us ideas on how we can create products that fit your needs and personalities. So, from the bottom of our hearts (and trophy cases) thank you!

If you believe that our products are worthy of your vote, cast your vote on the Coolest Thing Made in Utah website.

Detailed Instructions to Vote for McGee’s beginning February 28th:
• Go to www.coolestthingmadeinutah.com
• Click Vote link at the top of the page
• Find your product nomination (You can find our listing on page 3)
• With your nomination there will be a Vote button, you will click that button to cast your vote

Detailed Information on Voting Rounds
• 1st voting period February 28 – March 5 – Top 25 Announced March 6 on Facebook Live at 1PM
• 2nd Voting Period March 7 – March 12 – Top 10 Announced March 13 on Facebook Live at 1PM
• 3rd Voting Period March 14 – March 19 – Final 3 Announced March 20 on Facebook Live at 1PM
• Final Voting Period March 21 – March 27 – Winner announced at We are Utah Manufacturers Association Expo – March 27

Happy voting!