McGee’s world famous Missionary Plaques come in Oak, Walnut, Black Gloss (Gold/Black), Black Gloss (Black/Silver), Black Gloss (Black/Gold) and Natural Wood Laser Engraved. Our plaques are beautiful and sleek with no cheap tacks or screws to hold the picture on.  Our unique plexi-glass holder has a u-shape design that allows you to easily slide your own picture in! The plexi-glass holder is 3 ¾” tall by 3 ¼” wide and comes with a black matte background, so you can easily add a smaller photo and have a nice black border. The metal plates are black gloss with either gold or silver engraving and borders. Gold brass is also available with black text. The Name Plate is engraved with the missionary’s name, home ward, and dates of service. The Map Plate features the missionary’s favorite scripture and the map of their mission with the official mission name.

You can customize and order your plaques online at or contact us at or in any of our Utah locations:

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We make a lot of awards that celebrate your achievements and we love to share them with our community. If you would like us to feature your recent success, contact us and let us celebrate with you.