As the New Year hits, resolutions are scribbled down all over the world. From weight loss goals to self-love mantras, everyone loves a good New Year’s resolution. But, why do employers so often miss out the memo? Don’t let the opportunity go to waste. Motivate your employees with office-appropriate goals.

Then, provide awards that perfectly fit their accomplishments. Whether it’s a personalized award or engraved office supplies, the team at McGee’s Stamp and Trophy can help you find the right award that keeps them motivated all year long.

Now, here are some of our favorite New Year’s resolutions perfectly tailored for the office. Check them out below.

10.  Practice Speaking Up

Let’s kick off the countdown with one of our favorites, speaking up. One of the hardest things for employees is saying something to their superior. Let your employees know that you care about their opinion by endorsing this goal wholeheartedly.

9. Learn Something New Every

This open-ended goal will help spark their interests and teach them new tactics that can be used around the workplace.

8. Make Professional Contacts and Network

This is an excellent goal for businesses that involve a lot of interaction. Employees can look up contacts they’ve lost touch with or plan to make new ones by actively participating in social media networking.

7.  Company To-Do Lists

Participating in group-wide efforts is proven to be most effective. It also holds your employees accountable to each other. Hold daily or weekly meetings that involve every employee saying what they plan on working on that day. This can also help with team collaboration, as well.

6. Take a Break from Social Media

All of us do it, so why not tone things down on the social media scene this year.

5. Learn to Delegate

If your employees have a hard time working as a team, let your leaders pass down some of their tasks during the week. Letting go of some control can be relieving, as well as, teach younger employees useful skills.

4. Quit the Workplace Gossip

Sure, all of us love water cooler talk, but let’s keep the gossip out of it. Encourage your employees to focus on themselves and not worry about the drama with a goal targeted at just that.

3. Get Involved

In today’s independent work environment, isolation is at an all-time high. This year, motivate your employees by encouraging them to get out of their cubicle and make relationships a priority.

2. Eat Healthier at Work

While it is important to work towards professional development, it’s also important to focus on your health. Try to get your employees on a fast-track to success by encouraging healthy eating patterns like a designated lunch hour. You can also help them with this goal by providing healthy snacks in the break room.

1. Set a Team Goal

Round things up with one big resolution you set as a team. Whether it’s higher volume or attracting more customers, make the goal something big that your team can work towards all year long. Then, decide what the reward for achieving that goal will be. You can also create a custom plaque or trophy to keep out during work hours that’ll remind your employees what they’re working towards.

Ready to motivate your employees and make the next year even better than the last? Contact our team to learn more about our customizable awards.