Missionary Plaques

LDS Missionary Plaques

Our LDS Missionary Plaques are available in a variety of wood styles and designs. Please select the board style from the options below. Plate color, custom engraving options, and missionary photo are changed on the next screen.

Serving a mission is a once in a lifetime experience that begins and ends with an LDS missionary plaque. From customizing your plaque with your favorite scripture to the celebratory plaque hand-off over the pulpit during your homecoming, your mission plaque is a symbol of your entire mission experience. Missionaries might only serve for 1 1/2 to 2 years, but you’ll remember your experience for a lifetime. Keep the memories alive with McGee’s customizable missionary plaques.

Ranging in styles, colors, and wood types, our missionary plaques are the best way to begin and end your mission. From the display case in your ward building to your favorite shelf at home, the LDS missionary plaques at McGee’s are perfect for any setting.  Our plaques are available in 7x9 and 8x10 sizes. Customize yours online or contact us to learn more.

For online customization, please select your desired style of board below, then customize the plate colors on the next screen.

How much are LDS missionary plaques?

The cost of LDS missionary plaques depends on the style and material used in the design. The price range for these plaques generally falls between $29.95—$49.95. The type of LDS missionary plaque you select will determine the price. The reason for the price differences mainly depends on the wood and material of the plaque. For example, walnut LDS missionary plaques cost less than black gloss plaques. If you want to learn more about pricing, please visit our online store or visit one of our Utah locations. Whatever your budget, there is an LDS missionary plaque that will perfectly suit your needs.

What should I consider when purchasing a missionary plaque?

There are a few things to consider when designing your LDS missionary plaque. One of the first factors you will need to think about is your budget. Knowing the price you want to pay will help you narrow down your options. Then, you will need to decide the material and wood that best fits your style, as well as font and design layout. Once you make those decisions, you can input your mission information and scripture that you want to have inscribed on the plaque. Luckily, our online ordering platform will walk you through the design process so that purchasing your LDS missionary plaque is easier than ever before.

What wood & material options are available?

There is a variety of wood and material options you can use when designing an LDS missionary plaque. Some of the most popular varieties our shop offers include walnut, oak, black gloss with silver engraving, gold engraving, or black imprinting, or natural wood. You can also customize your LDS missionary plaque using whichever style, color, or wood type you prefer. You can begin the online ordering process by selecting the style of wood first and selecting the plate and engraving options.

What missionary plaque dimensions do you offer?

7” x 5” is the standard size of LDS missionary plaques. Most of our LDS missionary plaques come in that size. If you are looking for different dimensions, you can work with our specialists to order a custom size. You can learn more about our customization process by contacting us over the phone or visiting one of our Utah locations. Then, our team can walk you through all of the options available that will make your LDS missionary plaque the perfect size.

How long does it typically take to process and ship missionary plaques?

Ordering and creating an LDS missionary plaque generally takes a few days before the order is ready for shipment. You can use our online ordering system, order over the phone, or visit one of Utah locations. We also offer pick-up or shipment services. If you plan on using our shipment service, we will ship your LDS missionary plaque as soon as it is ready. Shipping times will vary depending on the carrier. UPS Ground is our go-to shipment service, but we may utilize other carriers such as FedEx or the United States Postal Services, depending on who offers the best shipping option. You can learn more about time estimations for your LDS missionary plaque using the tracking information you will receive after shipment.

Artwork Guidelines

We want to provide you a quick, efficient process, but we need a little help from you. Check out our artwork guidelines so we can streamline the process and get your product right the first time.