Pre-Inked Return Address Stamps

The Benefits of a Pre-Inked Return Address Stamp

Pre-inked return address stamps personalize envelopes, and our pre-inked stamps offer THOUSANDS of quality impressions of your name and address. Using return address stamps enable you to effortlessly print your address on any envelope thousands of times without the hassle of sticky labels or writers cramp.  We offer them in four different sizes.

Small: Up to 4 lines gets the job done, good for uneventful mail.

Medium: Up to 5 lines a safe bet if it’s a gift and you aren’t sure of usage.

Large: Up to 6 lines perfect for nicer mailings or business addresses

Extra Large: Up to 8 lines perfect for business and RVSP envelopes

Choose your size of return address stamp!

Pre-Inked Return Address Stamps are Convenient and Economical

The value of pre-inked return address stamps is that they save you time while being affordable, allowing you to make a repetitive task quick and efficient. Stamps are faster than sticker labels and cheaper in the long run for both home and office use. You can stamp any envelope and be done in no time. Save time when you use your stamps at work and save money when you buy from McGees.