It’s the most wonderful time of the year, for many reasons. With the winter season comes snow, hot cocoa, and holidays aplenty. One of the most popular ways to celebrate the season is by sending holiday cards.


Why Should You Send Holiday Cards?

If holiday cards aren’t a big priority to you already, they probably should be. From friends to family, holiday cards are a great way to show people that you’re thinking of them. Recipients can display your card in their home throughout the holiday season for all to see. Not only are holiday cards timeless, they are much more thoughtful and personal than a text or email. While you will still want to buy gifts for close friends and family, holiday cards can act as a present for people you may not be as close to.

It’s clear that holiday cards are a smart move, but the process of designing, personalizing, and sending them isn’t always easy. Without the right tools, you may end up with lousy cards and unhappy recipients. If you’ve been looking for a guide to successful holiday cards, look no further.

Tips For Holiday Card Success

Keep an Updated List of Recipients

The first step to holiday card success is to compile an up-to-date list of the names and addresses of those you’d like to send your cards to. These should include family and friends, close neighbors, and can include work friends. Maintain a careful record of addresses to ensure that you have the correct information for them. In other words, make your list and check it twice!

Chances are that you’ll be receiving holiday cards this season too. When you do, it’s good etiquette to send one back, especially if they weren’t on your list before. Keep a dozen or so cards on hand to account for this possibility.


Proper Timing

One of the biggest questions about sending holiday cards is the “when”. In order for your card to have the most relevance, you’ll want to send it at the proper time. Wait at least a few days or up to two weeks after Thanksgiving, but don’t wait too much longer than that. With the busy shipping season, it’s possible that your cards may not get delivered on time if you send them at the end of December.



When it comes to holiday card styles, there are endless possibilities. The internet makes it possible to design a unique, high-quality holiday card in a matter of minutes. There are three main types of Christmas cards that are popular today:

  1. Personalized card with family picture

This type of card continues to grow in popularity each year. With eye-catching custom designs, a personalized card is unique to your family and shows your creativity. It’s great for close family members, friends, neighbors, and everyone in between.

  1. Personal/family newsletter

Some people choose to send a timeline of important events that happened during the year. While this is a perfect choice to send to close friends and family, it may not be the best choice for acquaintances or strangers.

  1. E-cards

E-cards have risen in popularity over the past years. They are similar to printed Christmas cards, but are created by using digital media rather than paper. These electronic cards can be customized to include a family picture or even a video.


Print vs. Electronic

With the convenience of the internet, some people are making the switch from printed to electronic cards. There are pros and cons to both methods. If you’re debating between printed or electronic, keep the following in mind.

The Case for Printed

A printed card is a great choice for family members and friends because they generally enjoy displaying printed cards of loved ones in their home. Additionally, printed cards can have a big impact on people in the hospital or nursing home who could use some extra love around the holidays. While electronic cards can take a long time to download and may disappear into the recipient’s inbox, printed cards are tangible and can be enjoyed by all. Those who don’t have access to the internet will appreciate a printed card much more than an electronic one as well.

The Case for Electronic

For people who spend a lot of time on the internet or social media, an electronic card may be the best choice. They can enjoy your card from their phone and can receive it instantly. Reputable websites have a variety of e-card selections and make it simple to design.

Electronic cards are fun and innovative, but printed cards add a personal touch that the internet just can’t replicate. If you are still on the fence between electronic cards or printed cards, consider sending both.


Make it Specific to the Recipient

No matter which type of holiday card you’d like to send, take the time to make each card specific to its recipient. Including a personal note in a card is a unique way to show someone that you’re thinking about him or her. It can be tempting to forgo personalizing each card, especially when you have a lot of recipients to send to. Resist the urge to cut corners.

Worried about repeating the same message over and over? You don’t have to think up a long, eloquent note for each card. Instead, try briefly mentioning something special that happened to the recipient during the year, or something you appreciate about them specifically. A short note is just as appreciated as a long-winded one. Perhaps more, in fact. 

Make sure to write your signature or family name at the end of the card. If writing your name over and over doesn’t seem like an enjoyable pastime, consider a signature stamp to shorten the process.

Add a Special Touch

Envelopes for holiday cards are often overlooked, but they shouldn’t be. The envelope is the first thing your recipient sees when they get your holiday card. Having one with just a little extra detail makes a big difference. Try adding some festive stamps or changing the envelope color for a merry touch.

Of course, no holiday card is complete without a return address on the envelope. A return address gives the recipient instant recognition of who sent the card. It also makes sure that they have your correct address for future correspondences.

While a return address is essential to completing the perfect holiday card, no one wants to write their name and address hundreds of times. Avoid the hand cramps and frustration by using a return address stamp on all of your holiday cards. Not only do return address stamps save serious time, they can be reused year after year! Additionally, return address stamps ensure a perfect result every time — there’s no guesswork, misspelling, or illegible handwriting whatsoever.

If you really want to take your holiday cards to the next level, customize a return address stamp from McGee’s. Your personal style can flourish through your choice in stamp, and it’s the perfect way to ring in the holidays. Contact us or visit our website today to customize a stamp and make your holiday cards the envy of all those who receive them.