It’s almost that time of year again. Yes, we love the fall season. With the cooler temperatures and traditions, who doesn’t? But we might be a bit biased towards Autumn for a few other reasons thanks to the NFL Bermuda Golf Classic Tournament.


For the past five years, McGee’s Stamp and Trophy has been involved in what’s been known as the Bermuda Classic. Annually held, this golf tournament is home to some of the top athletes across multiple sports industries. From the NFL to the NHL, every year retired athletes meet to face off head-to-head in the well-known tournament.


But McGee’s was there before many of the great athletes of our day had even heard of it. How did an awards shop in Utah get involved in an event held in the North Atlantic Ocean? We recently sat down with McGee’s owner, Kirt McGee, to get his take on the serendipitous meeting.


The Beginning of a Beautiful Bermuda Friendship


“About 5 years ago a gentleman came into our shop in Salt Lake City looking to get some pictures framed for a high school alumni event in Provo. Well, we get talking and turns out that he ran a resort in Bermuda for 25 years,” recalled Kirt.


After talking for some time, the owner of the resort, Clarence Hofheins, and Kirt hit it off and became fast friends. In fact, Clarence even helped schedule a time for Kirt and his wife to visit the resort.


Months after visiting the resort, Clarence called Kirt about a golf tournament the resort was starting that featured the former PGA course, Port Royal, in Bermuda. He asked Kirt if he could design the awards, fly down to Bermuda, play in the tournament alongside the athletes, and award them to the top players afterward.


Before you know it, the NFL Bermuda Golf Classic Tournament is up and running and we’re custom designing the awards for it. But before we could look forward to attending the tournament, we had to come up with a design.


The NFL Bermuda Golf Classic Tournament Award


Right out of the gate, we decided to come up with a state-of-the-art award that really encapsulated what the event was about. Luckily, it just so happened that we were beginning to create what is now our logo cut award. What made this so great is that the type of material used in a logo cut award really allows the creator to get custom with the design.


That’s where we got to work.


Combining the Port Royal golf course logo, the Cambridge Beaches Resort logo and a picture of the signature hole, we created the perfect custom award for the event.

5 years later and it’s still one of our favorite awards we’ve created. Along with custom-designing the awards, we’ve met some of the most legendary athletes at the event including Lawrence Taylor and Jerry Rice.


It’s All About Customization


McGee’s Stamp and Trophy is truly a one-stop-shop for all your award customization needs. We’ve created some of the most interesting awards in the business. McGee’s has customized awards for a number of unique businesses including an award for Franklin Covey that featured the 7 Habits the company is known for, and custom awards designed for a boat race held annually every year in Lake Powell. We love designing awards that are unique to you and your business.


Visit us at one of our store locations to learn more about our logo cut awards and what we can custom design for you.