The end of the year is a great time in business to look back at all you have accomplished. Not only can you use the moment to reflect, but it is also the perfect time to throw an end of the year celebration. From recognizing your employee’s hard work to building your brand, a well-attended event can be a major game-changer for your business. Along with memorializing this year’s triumphs, an end of the year business event can:

  • Increase company culture by commending staff and management.
  • Show clients and employees that your business celebrates innovation.
  • Increase positive PR for your company as a whole.
  • Recognize the hard work of employees, which will increase employee retention and staff satisfaction.
  • Drive productivity by increasing your team’s emotional commitment to their work.
  • Invite all employees to join in on praising individual victories for overall higher camaraderie in the workplace.

Those are just a few ways throwing an end of the year can positively impact your business. But, before you begin planning your event, here is a how-to guide to get you started.


1. Start with a Goal

As you begin the planning process, determine the goal of your end-of-the-year event. Just as anything with business, not knowing where you want to go won’t give you the outcome you desire. If you want a memorable end of the year event, begin with the end in mind.

For example, if you want to celebrate your team’s accomplishments, you can throw an awards ceremony. Awards ceremonies are a great way to recognize your employees and commemorate your business’ success. From there, you can decide the other elements the event needs, including venue options, catering, theme, dress code, and activities. By determining what you want out of the event, you can make the rest of the planning process a lot simpler.

2. Choose the Right Venue

The venue plays a major role in your year-end business event. Picking a location for your event can also determine other portions of the party—entertainment, catering, decorations, guest list, and more. As you narrow down your options, choose a venue that has the right amount of space, and gives off a look and feel you want for your event.

If you are planning on the aforementioned award ceremony, pick a space that has enough space to accommodate your needs. You should also look for a venue with a stage for the main portion of your party—the awards ceremony. If you decide to include a dining portion, make sure you have enough space to accommodate catering and seating.

3. Don’t Stress Over the Budget

Sure, you have a budget, but that doesn’t mean you need to go overboard pinching every last penny. As with most things in business, a memorable event takes money. Skimping on the details to save money could be a waste of time and money. However, blowing your entire budget could leave you with a dent in your business funds. Find a balance by throwing an end of year event that strikes a chord with attendees without spending double your original budget.

4. Plan Something Unique

Whatever you decide, make sure you try something different than what you have done in previous years. Ask your employees what they would like to do for your end of year event and use these suggestions as inspiration. If you continue to repeat what you have done multiple times, employees will get bored and not bother coming.

Try to include surprise elements that keep your employees guessing and excited throughout the event. As you do so, you will create something memorable for all who attend.

5. Include a WOW Factor

If there is one rule of thumb to keep in mind during the party planning process, it is: plan to impress. Forgetting this guideline may ruin your entire event. In fact, studies show that activities that include a “WOW factor” actually build brand equity. You can do this in a number of way, from surprise speakers and performers to stunts and pranks on CEOs.

6. Enjoy the Moment

After all of your hard work, make sure to enjoy the entire planning process and the upcoming event. If you plan accordingly, you will attend an end of the year event that you can enjoy with your team. Don’t stress over the event too much. Have fun and enjoy the moment!

For additional help with your party planning, including custom awards for your end of the year award ceremonies, contact the McGee’s Stamp and Trophy team. We will help you add the perfect personalized touch for your up-and-coming corporate event. Contact us to get started.