Recently, Utah Valley BusinessQ Magazine interviewed us for a feature about women in business. The feature got us thinking—how have the women of McGee’s helped make the business what it is today? From the beginning, women have played a crucial role in our stores. From the mother of our prominent leaders to the leaders themselves, women have definitely made their mark.

Let’s look at the ways women had an impact on McGee’s and how we are continually updating our business to stay on the cutting edge for our customers.

Since the opening of McGee’s Stamp and Trophy in 1966, Jesse McGee had the motto of, “I’m going to make this business work or die trying!”  He was constantly researching new products and ideas to make the business grow.  His wife, DeAnna supported him from home and even learned custom embroidery to allow the business to offer another way to personalize items.  With the addition of each one of his children into the business, they brought their own ideas and talents and helped drive innovation!

Just as the Utah Valley BusinessQ Magazine highlighted, two of the seven McGee’s children, Rachelle McGee Ferrin and JaNae McGee Harrison are leading the automation of business processes for McGee’s.  These two powerful women are working hard to automate processes and provide customers with an experience that matches the quality they have come to know and love.

As JaNae told the magazine, “It’s hard to make changes, but we know that we need to if we’re going to stay competitive in today’s business world.”

Change may seem complicated, but these two are taking it on with ease all while working hard in the office and at home.

“As a working mother, I’ve learned to compartmentalize my tasks,” JaNae told the magazine. “When I’m at work, I have the work folder. When I’m at home, I have to put the work folder away.”

JaNae and Rachelle oversee software systems and the website for all 3 locations.  They are helping streamline technological solutions that are making it easier for customers on the business management side of things. These systems include order taking, tracking, completion, shipping, billing, and accounting.

The mentality these two possess, passed on from their father and from experience, is one of visualization and determination.

“We’ve both run marathons, and the biggest thing you have to do is visualize the finish line,” Rachelle told the magazine. “That is what gets you through the pain of Mile 13 and Mile 18. We always try to keep the end goal in mind when the challenge is right in front of us.”

If you would like to learn more about how we are updating our business, contact us or visit one of our locations today. We love talking shop with all of our customers!

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