Now, that you answered, “Yes!” it is time that you got started on your wedding planning. Wedding prep involves a myriad of tasks. Chances are you have the ring. You bought the dress. You rented a venue. But what about all of the little things? With so many tasks to take care of and details to hammer out, you have probably missed a few things. Don’t worry. We have you covered. Our personalized return address stamps are something you probably haven’t thought of but will make all the difference in your wedding planning efforts.


Personalized Return Address Stamp

Wedding invitations are the first impression guests will receive of your wedding. Sure, you have a beautiful invitation and picture, but what about your return address stamp? Our return address stamps are personalized to your preferences and they make the envelope stuffing process a thousand times easier.

Take the hassle out of addressing the hundreds of envelopes you are sending out for your invitations with a return address stamp. These stamps will save time, boost aesthetics, and are ultra-convenient for everyone involved. Buying a personalized stamp will make a significant difference in your wedding planning and preparation. Simply, stuff and stamp your way to the wedding with McGee’s Stamp and Trophy.

Our personalized return address stamps bring numerous benefits to your mail correspondence. Return address stamps are cheaper than self-adhesive address labels, faster and less hassle. They are faster than regular pens and will save your sister, mom, and future husband all of that typical wedding invitation hand strain. Order now and never write out your address again! These personalized address stamps will add the creative and personalized touch your guests want on your wedding invites.

Here are all of your personalized return address stamp options:


The Traditional Rubber Stamp

The traditional, wooden handle rubber stamp is a great choice when using special inks or a wide variety of colors. They also have fewer limitations for size, making it an excellent choice for wedding envelopes that are a bit larger. Also, since the ink is sold separately, this stamp will last forever, no matter which occasion you need it for. Other qualities include:

· Cost-effective

· Rubber die is laser engraved for a quality impression

· Ink pad sold as a separate unit


The Self-Inking Return Address Stamp

Our most popular method of stamping is the self-inking stamp. Self-Inking stamps provide a quick and clean way to leave a mark on any form, document, or product. This is especially helpful as you are addressing hundreds of envelopes at once. Other qualities include:

· Rotating rubber die that hits ink pad after each impression

· Rubber die is laser engraved for a quality impression

· Great for repetitive stamping

· Pad is re-inkable and replaceable


The Personalized Pre-Inked Stamp

Premium quality pre-inked stamps will create 25,000 impressions before re-inking. You will love the crisp, clean prints and so will your guests. Give this return address stamp a try, and you will understand why it is one of the best choices on the market. Other qualities include:

· Ink is contained in the die for quiet stamping

· Flash printed die for a quality impression

· Thousands of initial impressions

· Pad is re-inkable with specific Flash Ink


Personalized Return Address Stamps by McGee’s

Make your wedding prep easier and more efficient with McGee’s Stamp and Trophy. Each of our stamps is personalized to your liking, engraved to perfection, and will leave a quality impression every time you stamp it. Browse our selection of return address stamps that include rubber stamps, self-inking stamps, and pre-inked stamps today to find your wedding stamp. You can also work with our team to choose everything from the size, font, outline, and more. Let us help you simplify the wedding invitation process with our personalized return address stamps. Order yours today.