Only a decade ago, people sent their photos to the printers rather than posting them online for their followers’ likes. Now, it has to be a special occasion for you to get one of your snapshots printed into a physical photo. The digital world has taken over. Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr are just a few of the platforms where you can find an abundance of photographs for follower consumption.

Not only are people popularizing photography with digital cameras and social media posts, but now they are uploading film camera prints for digital use rather than keeping them strictly in the real world.

Do you remember the days of scrapbooks, photo collages, and picture frames? Unfortunately, those traditions are more a thing of the past than ever before. While you should continue posting your favorite photos on Instagram, Facebook, and your other social media profiles, there are different ways of displaying your photos that don’t include Instagram stories and Facebook profile pictures.

If you want to get your photos off your phone’s photo album and out for the world to see, there are multiple ways you can make that happen with McGee’s Stamp and Trophy. 


Photograph Displays and Memorabilia

Whether you own a DSLR, take photos with your iPhone, or opt for the classic film camera snapshot, your photographs genuinely capture some of your life’s greatest moments. You can treasure these moments with McGee’s Stamp and Trophy’s custom display selection.

Our custom photography displays give your photographs the perfect framework for any occasion. Whether you have travel photos, old photos from your past, or want some way of posting your photos other than online, photography displays can put your favorite moments on display without needing to scroll through your phone to find them.

There are a variety of ways you can customize a photography display. Here are two of the best templates to try.

Personalized Frames

Before throwing your prints into a storage box or forgetting you have them in your phone’s photo album, consider getting a custom frame. Personalized frames can be whatever you want them to be, thanks to an array of customizable options. These custom frames can match any style or space. You can work with the McGee’s team to design a custom frame that makes you want to look at your photos for our hours on end. Plus, these custom frames come in a range of sizes, styles, and looks, depending on your preferences.  


Rather than storing mementos away for no one to see or posting them online for momentary validation, you should try fitting them inside a custom shadowbox. Shadowboxes are one of the most unique methods for displaying your photos. If you are unsure how a shadowbox works, then look no further than McGee’s. Our experienced team members will help you gather photos and other small items to add to your shadowbox. Although, a framed picture can be a wonderful gift, developing an image and putting it in a custom shadowbox take it all to the next level. Work with our team and watch as an entire photo story develops before your eyes.

Custom Memorabilia Displays

Your photographs deserve more than a momentary glimpse from online followers. By displaying your photos in a custom shadow box or personalized frame, you will draw more attention to your favorite moments from over the years. Whether you are looking for a custom frame, shadowbox, or a unique way of displaying your photos, look no further than McGee’s Stamp & Trophy. Together, we will create something truly memorable.