Don Draper had one. Michael Scott had one. Miranda Bailey has one. If your office is destined to be as successful as the shows these bosses commanded, you will need an engraved plaque just like them.

An engraved wall plaque is more than just decoration. These engraved plaques put your best accomplishments on display for coworkers and prospective clients to see. But why are wall plaques routinely used on television sets and in real-world office settings? Let’s discuss.

Establishes Your Credibility

 You can explain your achievements all you want but displaying them adds an entirely new level of credibility. An engraved plaque gives you evidence of your past work to help your prospective clients trust your background. Having an engraved wall plaque showcasing your and your company’s victories is clear evidence that they should trust your business. This not only impresses customers, but it can put them at ease and make them feel more comfortable doing business with a reliable and reputable company like yours.

Start a Conversation

When you add an engraved plaque to your office, it automatically draws the attention of those visiting you. Once a plaque has attracted the interest of that visitor, they often wonder what the plaque is all about. These questions can lead to stories about your history in business. No matter what, an engraved plaque can give you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and talk about your background. All in all, it is the perfect conversation starter when your business is the primary topic of conversation.

Motivate Your Employees

 Of course, an engraved plaque doesn’t have to feature only your accomplishments. You can also customize a plaque about your company’s success or an individual employee’s.

Hanging these plaques in and around the office illustrates to your employees that their efforts matter. It proves their impact and shows your appreciation. When employees know that their work is recognized, they’re more likely to engage with their work and promote a higher level of success for your company.

Gift Yourself

 One of the best reasons you should hang an engraved plaque in your office is to give yourself motivation. Every time you look at your plaque, you will feel a burst of pride for the work you have already accomplished. Then, no the days when you don’t feel motivated, you can look towards the plaque and get the push you need.

If you are ready to display your business’s accomplishments and establish your credibility in your industry, contact our engraving specialists. We will work with you to customize a wall plaque that fits your space and perfectly displays your success.