Job dissatisfaction takes on many forms, but employees commonly cite a lack of challenge, job meaninglessness, and bad relationships with coworkers. Awards bring coworkers together, create a feeling of purpose, and represent exciting challenges. Award recognition helps a company retain employees longer. Many companies do not recognize each employee’s efforts. This is one of the reasons that a staggering 71 percent of employees want to quit their jobs, and most employees spend 20-30 hours per week researching new positions. Companies need to recognize employees, and awards are the best way to make them stay. Unique awards really motivate employees to achieve more. Employees will think about how they can win these awards, and they’ll spend less time thinking about new job prospects.

It’s Okay to Think Outside the Box With Awards When employee awards are a boring affair, they have very little effect on morale. Also, rewards don’t always have to be about work performance. Workers can be recognized for keeping the bathroom clean, or they can be rewarded for fixing office furnishings with a trophy made of duct tape. Some employees deserve recognition for having a good memory, and others should be distinguished for being well-organized. Awards don’t have to be awkward or time-consuming. One popular award involves the creation of a unique and creative office trophy. When an employee does something outstanding, the boss can take the award from one employee and put it on the desk of another. It’s satisfying, and everyone will secretly want it. Coupons, letters of thank-you, and other awards can be handed out in a similarly quick fashion. It may be best to use lots of different award ideas, and this will make each individual award far more meaningful. A surprise or two doesn’t hurt, either. An office that always gives out the same certificate and handshake to the “employee of the month” rapidly discovers that the award loses its value.

Recognition Retains Employees Longer Everyone wants to be appreciated, but companies without employee recognition quietly inform workers that their work is not valued. It’s not enough to simply tell employees they’re appreciated, but that’s also important. They need awards. Awards verify to each employee that his or her efforts are being noticed. Even when an employee doesn’t receive an award, that employee knows that his or her hard work has been evaluated against the hard work of a coworker. Every employee eligible for an award knows that someone is paying attention to what they do. It means the company cares about their work, and employees want to stay with companies that care.

Every Workplace Should Have Some Type of Awards Program Recognition can be inexpensive and fast, yet its effects are long-lasting. The best awards are creative, memorable, and personalized. Each employee wants to feel that he or she is an indispensable part of the business. When faced with the cost of hiring and training new employees, it becomes obvious how important recognition truly is in the modern workplace. Take the time to show your gratitude and make them feel appreciated with McGee’s Stamp and Trophy. We are here to help you find an awards solution that shows your appreciation. Browse our site or get in touch with us today to learn more about our products.