With everything from internet advertising to social media campaigns, marketing strategies are continually developing. Today, businesses are looking for new ways of getting their name out there. While trying something new can prove favorable, an old form of marketing might be the solution for you. According to a study by Louisiana State University, promotional products are shown to increase favorability ratings among consumers. While promotional products aren’t new, they’re still the most effective means of driving consumers to your business.   We recently sat down with McGee’s Stamp and Trophy to discuss why promotional products work and how they’ve seen it pay off for their clients.


Low-Cost Marketing

One of the biggest draws to promotional product marketing is their cost-effectiveness. According to a study conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute, advertising specialty items have a lower cost per impression than nearly every other alternative. However, it’s not just cost. Promotional products easily target specific segments by industry and consumer. Being a low-cost investment, they’re a place where small businesses can compete with larger competitors.   However, the official answer is not how cost-effective promotional products are, but the real answer lies in the value of that impression. The study also found that promotional products also boosted message credibility, gave consumers a more positive attitude toward the product, and increased consumers intent to purchase more than other forms of advertising.

Expands Brand Recognition

Along with cost-effectiveness, promotional products significantly increase brand recognition among consumers. According to a PPAI study, 89% of consumers said they could recall the company for 24 months after getting promotional items. Brand recognition is also one of the top ten reasons businesses choose to use promotional giveaways as part of their marketing strategy, and according to their findings, that strategy pays off.


Increases Customer Loyalty

Promotional products also have the unique ability to build a relationship with consumers. Once a potential customer accepts the product, there’s an immediate relationship formed. That relationship will continue throughout the useful life of the product, unlike other marketing tactics that end once the media or advertisement isn’t in view. That life is also longer than you might expect. According to that same PPAI study, 81% of consumers keep promotional products for more than a year. What about those who don’t want the product? Well, according to another study, 63 percent of those who don’t want the product pass it along to someone else. This makes promotional products one of the most effective forms of advertising available.

Top Three Promotional Products

Ready to implement promotional products into your business strategy? Here’s where to start according to statistics gathered by the PPAI.


1. Promotional Bags & Totes

With nearly 6,000 impressions, bags generate more impressions than any other promotional product in the United States.


2. Promotional Mugs

Seventy-seven percent of consumers say a promotional product’s usefulness is the number-one reason to keep it that’s why promotional mugs are also one of the best ways to promote your business.


3. Promotional Pens

At one-tenth of a cent, writing instruments tie with bags for the lowest cost per impression of any promotional product.

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